Can I ever be truly free? How far can I run away from the cesspool of consumerism and capitalism? Is the free market truly giving consumers a greater choice or is it neo-colonialism?

The way love is marketed to us and the way travelling is viewed as an activity that will open our minds, do you really believe it’s true? To me, it seems, these are tools that have been directed at people so as to make them feel they’re missing out on life. That their experience is somehow not complete without having a love life or traveling a lot. 

I don’t need to get lost to find myself. I think I’m always lost in a world of my own. And I would never want to lose that. But I think it’s terribly hard for me to see where I’m going or what am I going to do. Would I have to lose my little world so that I can see what’s in store for me? 


Author: kartikeyt

Everything radical and liberal.

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